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    "Amazing photographers and people!! Engagement photos were perfect. They spent the whole wedding day with us from getting ready to the final exit and captured every moment in between. Love them!!!"
    We would highly recommend Cara and Brian of Leighty Photography for any of your professional photography needs. They did both our engagement pictures (in October 2014) and our Wedding pictures (in April 2015) and we were just blown away. Not only are they awesome at what they do, they make you feel comfortable and they don't limit your time, or make you feel rushed. The number of amazing photos we got from them, both from our engagement session and our wedding, are more than I could have ever imagined. Thanks to the Leighty's we now have tons of great memories in the form of these wonderful pictures!!
    I absolutely love you guys so much! You guys know how to make pictures come alive. Our pictures are so beautiful and we can not wait to see more of them. Our pictures tell a story because of these two wonderful photographers. I recommend them to anyone and everyone and can not wait to use them for more events in our lives!!! Love Always, The Juliet's
    We had our engagement pictures done by Leighty Photography in 2013. My current husband and I were so nervous because we had never taken professional pictures before; however, Cara and Brian made us feel sooo comfortable. They were open to our suggestions and had insight into what would look best for us. They worked with us through the whole process and the pictures came out amazing! I would highly recommend Leighty Photography!
    I am lucky to have been privileged to have such a special friend as a photographer for my wedding. Cara and Brian worked tirelessly to make the day special and to capture the "shot". Each wedding is different and special and they capture that perfectly. I could not be happier with the outcome of the pictures and can't stop looking at them! Thank you for capturing our special moments!
    We were lucky enough to find Leighty Photography through a family friend, and could not be more happy about our decision. Not only are these two amazing artists, but they are also extremely professional. Brian and Cara took our engagement pictures in several locations around downtown Acworth, and they were more amazing than I could have ever expected. Their easy-going personalities made my camera shy fiancé more comfortable, and their teamwork left us with so many different angles and candid moments. Our family and friends love our pictures as much as we do, and we look forward to them capturing our wedding in March.
    PS. Amanda and Chris' pictures came out amazing!! Especially the ones with the rainbow, SO COOL! Just makes us even more excited!!
    As I write this, I am still amazed! When I first talked to Cara about photographing our wedding, I never dreamed the result would be this wonderful! The attention to detail and professionalism of Leighty Photography is amazing! They were able to capture moments of our wedding and freeze them in time, so I feel like I am right there again, living it all over! Facial expressions, action shots, tiny little details, all of them are perfect, and make our wedding even that much more memorable, as we can look back on these over and over! They are well worth the investment, as Cara and Brian are both such genuine and generous people, and really care about their clients, and their photography talent is well beyond amazing! Together, they work so well, as a team and as husband and wife! Also, the different perspectives they each add, as well as the final edited pictures, are more than I could have imagined. I would recommend them to anyone, and hope they are filled with blessings to continue to do this awesome work! Thank you both so much!
    Brian and Cara did a great job taking pictures of Judah and kept him smiling. They were both professional and took a ton of pictures, I was surprised (in a good way) by how many they gave us. Cara was able to keep Judah in a good mood, even with the cold weather and the sniffles he had at the time. We would recommend Brian and Cara to anyone!
    Just wanted to tell you how much we have enjoyed our pictures. They are beautiful!! We have shared them with family and friends and everyone wants your number! The photo shoot was awesome..with kids sometimes, I feel pressured and rushed . . . of course, with you guys this was not the case. I felt we had all the time in the world and you can definitely tell from the photos that we all had a great time! Thank you so much . . . can't wait for you to shoot the other side of the family!!
    My husband and I were so excited to get our family pictures done this year. It was the first time that all four of us had our pictures taken together! We decided to use Leighty Photography after seeing pictures from a friend's wedding that we attended. Both Cara and Brian were so easy to work with, very professional and they are excellent with kids! We wanted to have an outside background so they chose some great spots by the lake. My one year old seemed to get a little antsy standing in one place for a while but that wasn't a problem at all. The pictures turned out perfect and I really enjoyed how they captured every moment even when we didn't know they were taking pictures (those were my favorite)! We liked the pictures so much that we gave them to family members for Christmas! Thanks Brian and Cara!
    Leighty Photography provided the best, most professional, and most friendly photography session my family has ever experienced. Brian and Cara are masters at "capturing the moment"ť! They spent the entire day with us which included a hike to a waterfall on the AT, and then a family tradition visit to the North Georgia Mountain Apple Festival. They had two cameras going at all times and took upwards of 700 pictures that day. Their skill is evident in that you hardly know they are there when they're taking some of their best shots. Their ideas were incredible, and they went to great lengths to work with our 4 kids, despite the younger two's (7 and 3) unwillingness to cooperate. About a week later we got two photo disks - we were absolutely blown away!!!! The amount of great photos, the crystal clear quality, the mix of individual and family shots were truly incredible. Their fee is ridiculously low - you should pay them double or triple their pricing - you would anywhere else and not get the same phenomenal results!!! Leighty Photography will be the only professional photography company we will ever use. Thanks Brian and Cara - you guys ROCK!!!!!
    Two words describe the photography talents of Brian and Cara, 'Absolutely Wonderful!'. After viewing our finished photos, it was obvious to see that we were not just looking at another typical 'Kodak moment'. It was as if we were reliving the very moments of our wedding once more. They were truly able to not only capture the perfect images but harness the mood of each precious moment. We often speak of unforgettable moments, during wonderful experiences, but seldom do they go beyond the limits of our memories. Their creative artistry and dynamic teamwork made what is usually limited to memory and imagination become heartfelt reflections that can be relived for ages to come. Thank you Brian and Cara for not just another experience of 'Smile and say cheese‘ but of an exciting photographic adventure.
    I think August 14, 2011 was probably one of the most exciting days of our son's life. He felt like a superstar with all the attention on him. Dynamic husband and wife duo, Cara & Brian, made him very comfortable which made the session energetic and efficient. Everyone's personalities worked very well together and they went beyond our expectations and came over our house to display the photos after completion. I would highly recommend them and praying the best of success to Leighty Photography!
    Leighty photography did an amazing job making our wedding look picture perfect. Their attention to detail and creative inspiration went beyond the traditional poses and made every photo special. Most of all they produced such high quality photos for a reasonable price that worked for our budget. All of our friends have commented on how wonderful our wedding photo album looks. For anyone wanting a phenomenal photographer that can work with any budget I highly recommend Leighty Photography services.
    Thanks so much to Cara and Brian / Leighty Photography for these wonderful pictures. We had so much fun making these and are very proud of the turn out. They are very professional and make what can sometimes be a disaster, a breeze especially when you are trying to get family photos. Look them up on their FB page and I would highly recommend them for any of your portrait needs.. Thanks again so so much Cara and Brian aka the Hubster.
    Brian and Cara were truly wonderful to work with. They were professional, fun to work with [that's important when you're with someone for an hour or two :) ] and captured the most beautiful pictures. Their team work was impeccable and it was so cool seeing Cara get excited. I have declared them our new family photographer.
    I had such a great experience with Leighty photography! I really liked and appreciated their vision and style of pictures, creativity, business ethics and honesty. My photographs were ready very quickly and the photos turned out beautiful and I am so happy with them! I absolutely love the photos and am still getting comments from friends and family as to how wonderful the pictures are. The Leighty's are incredibly helpful, friendly, honest and hard working. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a great photographer!
    Brian and Cara's teamwork is very impressive. We had the pleasure of having them take pictures of our 2011 wedding. They provided us with great pictures of our special day that we will cherish. Their black & white and fading techniques made some of the pictures timeless. We would highly recommend this professional duo to anyone.
    We were so thankful to have Brian and Cara join us on our wedding day. They very graciously helped us out by coming to video our wedding but they also brought their photography cameras without being asked! They did such a wonderful job filming the ceremony and reception, and turning it into a lovely edited DVD, complete with a menu screen. They also put the video online for us, which was fantastic as we were able to easily share our day with overseas friends and family who couldn’t make it over for the wedding. Their photographs also captured some very candid moments from the day, from a different perspective to our booked photographers. It was a real blessing to have them there, they have such a generous spirit. Not only was their work excellent but their presence brought even more than that. I will never forget the sight of Cara tearing up the dance floor with my 83-year old Nanna!
    On February 5, 2011 my husband and I were married and Leighty Photography were one of two photographers who captured that wonderful day for us. My husband and I were very pleased with the photographs from Brian & Cara! They truly captured the moment over and over again. They took the photographs at just the right moment and were able to capture special looks between my husband and I, in those candid moments, and those photographs are so special to us! Something else that was important to us is how quickly we received a disc with all of our photographs. We received the disc from Leighty Photography more than a month sooner than our other photographer, and we couldn't have been more pleased! We highly recommend Leighty Photography to anyone needing to have their special moments captured!
    It's rare that you find a couple that play off each other well. Pair that chemistry with photographical skills and you've got an awesome team - that's Brian & Cara! Their chemistry as partners made our photographs all the more special as they knew exactly where to be, how to setup the shot and how to process it afterwards. They work together seamlessly without external communication as they know what each is thinking already. It makes a real difference when you look at the results - the photos are fantastic and capture that little something extra that most would leave out. I would recommend Leighty Photography to anyone, anytime who is looking for that "je ne sais quoi" to make their photos exquisite.