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    Your Pictures Are Important To Us!
    cracked DVD disc When was the last time you backed up your pictures? That's what I thought. While most people have good intentions about backing up what's valuable to them, often times life happens… and then "life" happens. Whether that be a hard drive failing, fire, flood or theft. We're all guilty of not backing up which is why Leighty Photography is now offering 5 years of photo backup FREE with all wedding packages and two years for photo sessions.

    Most photographers provide their clients with their pictures on DVD. In a few cases they offer something like a memory vault, but in both cases the media is in one spot and thus susceptible to loss by a fire, flood or theft. In addition, DVDs are susceptible to bit rot. This is why most photographers contracts (ours included) contain a limitation of liability for the failure of the disc medium because we can't guarantee how long the disc will last.

    When we first started out we were merely providing our customers with a DVD. We saw a need for a better option and while we still offer DVDs as an optional extra, we believe our new deliverable is better in a number of ways.

    #1 - Reliability
    As we already mentioned, DVDs and hard drives don't have a high reliability. The key to increasing reliability is increasing the number of copies and keeping them separated geographically. With our new setup, your files are stored on a minimum of 3 of our own hard drives in three separate locations. If a fire or flood happens at one, your photos are still backed up.

    Added on top of this is another layer. We use Amazon's S3 service which offers 99.999999999% durability. They do this by storing data in 3 separate data centers. So if something happens to one data center, your pictures are still ok.

    So now your pictures are stored in at least 6 separate locations. Which unless something happens to the entire Eastern side of the US (zombie apocalypse?), your pictures should be safe :)

    One additional layer to this, and this may change depending on if Flickr changes their terms of service, is that your pictures are backed up on Flickr as well. Not only is it backed up but we'll setup a group for you so you can share it with all your friends and even have them upload their own pictures as well.

    #2 - Accessibility
    Your pictures are available for 30 days from the time we finish editing them from any Internet accessible computer. If in the future you need the pictures recovered you can contact us and we'll copy them to our server for download. Your pictures also remain available on Flickr permanently and are accessible from both their iPhone and Android apps as well.

    #3 - Turn Around Time
    One downside to digital delivery is the long download times due to the huge number of pictures we take and high Megapixel count of our cameras (we give you the full res edited JPEGs). While this is an inconvenience, you'll be happy to know one of the benefits is that you will actually get your pictures sooner. With DVDs, we have to wait until all the pictures are edited and then burn the DVD(s) and setup a time to meet with you. For digital delivery, you let us know which pictures you'd like the quickest turn around time on and we'll work on those first. When we get those done we'll send an email for you to download the files. So you can get those great pictures up on your Facebook page sooner :) How awesome is that?

    We love blessing our clients and we believe this is just one more way to do it. We do offer additional backup besides the standard free period for affordable rates. For our most up to date pricing information contact us now.