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    Now Offering Financial Peace!
    We originally posted this on our Facebook page back in March but for those that missed it here it is:
    We are excited to announce that Leighty Photography is now offering FPU to all new incoming wedding clients! We pay, you go!

    Our goal with Leighty Photography isn't to provide photography services alone, but to Bless those around us.

    Money fights are now the #1 cause of divorce in America.

    "Fifty-seven percent of divorced couples said that financial disputes were the primary reason they did not get along" - Citibank Study

    We desire that each one of our clients have long and happy marriages, and getting rid of the #1 cause of divorce seems like a wise place to start. Both Brian and I have been through FPU and it's changed not only our financial future, but has also provided oneness in our marriage. We want to provide the same for you! Check out the video!