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    Filling In The Gaps
    Brian taking photo of bride at weddingWhen we go to weddings of those we know, and we're not the main photographer, we still bring a camera along anyways. People have debated this one to death and we understand both sides. Yes, the photographer should not have to feel like you're getting in the way or ruining their photos. You also should avoid taking photos while the main photographer is shooting the formals; as this could cause people to look at your camera instead of theirs. But that also doesn't mean it's wrong of you to try and provide some coverage of the couple's big day. After all, it's not something that can be reshot and so if the photographer misses a photo then that's an opportunity for you to bless the bride and groom with something they wouldn't of had otherwise.

    Case and point we went to a good friend's wedding last year and brought along some equipment. We were careful not to get in the way and only shot a couple hundred shots (not a lot for us) but Brian still ended up getting chewed out that he was stepping on the main photographer's gig. Fast forward almost a year now: because of the run in with the photographer, being busy with other paying clients and getting ready for baby Jonah, we hadn't messed with the pictures. We figured the other photographer had probably gotten the vast majority of the same shots except for some times when the photographer was gone during the dancing. We sent the pictures off to the bride and received a reply back to the extent of 'these are the pictures I was missing from my wedding' and how she'd only received around 300 pictures and only a few were actually edited. Needless to say we were both frustrated for her about the photographer and also ecstatic that our photos had really blessed her! So the moral of the story is, if you're a professional photographer attending a wedding, be sure to bring your camera. A lot of people get weird about this subject, but the other photographer could miss the shot for a variety of reasons (including a picture limit) and you have a real chance to bless the bride & groom :)